Statement of Training and Experience

        MEDIC has been in service in North Carolina for 27 years. We have maintained a Federal Contract for the duration of that time, and continue to serve the Veterans Administration today. Our Staff Consist of EMT, EMT-I, and Paramedic Level Providers from all backgrounds and demographics. MEDIC also employs Mechanics, Maintenance Personnel, and Billing agents. MEDIC provides an On-Site Training Facility with multiple Certified EMS Instructors, and Training Equipment. MEDIC maintains all certifications of its staff in coordination with AB-TECH through a Monthly In-Service Training Program. MEDICS Instructors are also performing outreach to the General Public, Boy and Girls Scouts of America, Local High Schools, and Businesses. MEDIC also operates an EMS Explorer Program, through the BSA for high school students to help encourage and expose up and coming EMS clinicians. MEDIC has a fleet of NCOEMS Certified vehicles. All transport units are Type 1 ambulances, three of which are 4-Wheel Drive to accommodate inclement weather. MEDIC Provides  QRV's, 6-Wheel Drive Polaris, a Specialty EMS unit capable of transporting 3 stretcher patients,  NC OEMS Certified Quick Response Vehicles, and a wheelchair van, Mobile command  unit, RV's for long deployments, and a host of shelters for on site treatment centers. all of which can be tailored for events.

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